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Buy nightfire OG online by Sin City Seeds is a sativa-dominant hybrid that descends from parent strains White Fire OG and White Nightmare. With strong roots in the White family, you can depend on this cannabis strain to deliver a disorienting dose of euphoria that lets you forget life’s stressors as relaxation takes over mind and body. Earthy pine, sharp lemon, and sweet berry aromas radiate from NightFire OG’s crystal-coated buds, inviting you to indulge in this hard-hitting hybrid.

This particular strain lives up to its description . Recommended by the staff at Ganja Goddess for some additional “nighttime” fun. The description misses the additional arousing effect that is an added benefit. Like Lavender strain the tingling sensations are present in those nether regions. The benefits in combination with the euphoria create quite an adventure in bed . Recommend if arousal is an added benefit you are looking for. Thank you Ganja Goddess for your expertise and guidance.

This light-feeding and fast-growing variety flowers indoors in only 9 – 10 weeks and outdoors by the middle of October. Leaving her plenty of time to produce massive amounts of shiny white trichomes on her thick pungent flowers. The indica/sativa ratio is 30/70 which makes for an energetic and uplifting buzz that’s great enjoyed at parties and social gatherings – it’ll have you chatting away all night long!


Bold and earthy with an underlying berry finish, an extremely strong scent makes odour control a must.


 Thus making this the perfect choice for a chilled out at the end of a busy and stressful day.Buy nightfire OG online

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